Venues are opening – securing your venue
15 Aug 2021

Venues are opening – securing your venue

Now that venues are open again and most are running at full capacity, security has become increasingly important.

An influx of visitors to venues means that security needs to be on point to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.

Here are some quick and effective tips on securing your venue:

Risk assessment

It might seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many business owners overlook doing an effective and thorough risk assessment. A risk assessment is carried out to identify various risks and vulnerabilities – this can lead to a drastic reduction in the risk of injury to guests and staff, theft, criminal and accidental damage, industrial espionage, leaks, and fires.

Security guards/ Door staff

Most venues that cater for crowds of people need to take hiring security guards/door supervisors to assist in crowd control. Not only are SIA trained and qualified security guards equipped with the skills and knowledge of crowd control, they are also trained in conflict management and customer service.

Security guards are usually the first people guests see when entering the venue and the last to see when they are leaving. This makes the guards looking presentable and having excellent communication skills crucial in delivering a great service.

Security guards are also trained in first aid and fire safety and can act as fire wardens in case of a fire. They can assist with injuries and have quick access to the Police in case of emergencies.

Security Service Providers

A venue could hire its own security guards which is great, as any security is better than no security, but there are some essential benefits of instructing a professional security service provider to handle all the security requirements.

What are the advantages of having a Security Service Provider?

Having a security service provider means that they will deal with sending qualified and trained security guards to the venue, and in case of sickness, they will arrange for suitable replacements to fill in, so you are never left without security staff at your venue.

In case of last-minute security requirements, a security service provider can arrange for short notice additional staff if required.

Security guards who are sent to the venue will also have access to the security service providers control room. The control room is manned 24 hours a day and can arrange for additional staff and quick access to the emergency services.     

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