Some key rules for effective security guarding
12 Sep 2019

Some key rules for effective security guarding

It’s not news that businesses rely heavily on security guards to help keep their businesses safe and secure. But are there effective methods to get the very best from your security guards?

Security guards are a wonderful investment for businesses as they save you a lot of money and stress. They act as a visual deterrent while actively securing buildings, assets, stock and people.

Here are some simple rules for effective security guarding

Ensure that security guards are aware of the premises

Some key rules for effective security guarding
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There’s nothing worse than a security guard who is not familiar with the premises he is securing. Security guards should know where things are and have a good understanding of the layout of the premises and where things are.

This is important as they will need to know about vulnerable areas and other parts of the premises that might require particular attention.

This is also important for when security is asked for directions from visitors and even staff.

Security guards should be trained in customer service

Yes! It’s true – the world of security guarding has changed. It’s no longer about the burly man stood at the entrance glaring and growling at people as they walk in. Security guarding is more about having a sophisticated approach to providing security while representing a venue’s reputation and values.

What does that mean exactly?

Security guards are usually the first people you see when you enter a building and the last people you see when you leave. This makes their engagement with staff and visitors crucial in people’s perception of the venue’s image and reputation.

This means that they should be in a presentable uniform that reflects the company image. Security guards should be presentable in their general appearance – hair, groomed, hygiene, etc.

Security guards should be polite and helpful

This is vital for offering an overall good customer experience for staff and visitors. Helpful and polite security guards can reflect directly on how people feel about your business.

This also helps when people are lost or need to find a specific area in the premises. Security guards can help coordinate people which can also contribute to their safety.

Security guards should be skilled in first aid and fire safety

It is not unusual for people to turn to security guards when facing an injury or a fire.

Skilled security guards can help deal with injuries and can act as fire marshals until the fire brigade attends.

This is not only helpful but can be lifesaving.   

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