Securing construction sites during the lock-down
02 Jul 2020

Securing construction sites during the lock-down

Lock-down during the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic has meant that many business and construction sites have had to cease work. Although this has had a negative impact on the operation and on deadlines for projects, leaving construction sites mid-work can cause an array of problems.

Among the many issues that can occur from leaving construction sites mid work is the risk of newly installed pipes bursting. Pipes bursting is not uncommon but usually, the risk is minimised because there are people present on site who are able to identify the problems before they cause serious damage but in the lock-down where people are not permitted to go on-site, the risk amplifies.

Other important factors to consider is that sites often have very expensive materials and machinery left on site. This is a great opportunity for thieves to enter the site and steal expensive materials and expensive equipment, tools and machinery. The materials alone can be worth in the high thousands and that combined with thousands in equipment, tools and machinery can mean enormous financial losses for businesses and construction workers.  

What can be done to reduce the risk?

We have identified that there is a huge risk in construction worksites being left mid-operation and here are a few ways to help reduce the risk:

Lockdown the site. This although sounds obvious, is not always easy and in some cases not even possible. Some sites are in the open had had several unlockable entry points. So the key here is to secure it as best as possible.

Install temporary gates and doors. Although it seems like effort but the more difficult to get entry the better the chances of keeping trespassers out.

Security signage. Visual signage is always a good way to highlight that trespassers will be prosecuted. The warning works well as a mild deterrant.

Install CCTV. CCTV is a great deterrent as most thieves and vandals are worried about being seen. CCTV footage can also be used in cases of prosecution.

Hiring a security services provider. Security service providers such as All Time Security are SIA approved contractors and specialise in securing construction sites. A reputable security service provider will deploy highly trained and experienced construction site security guards to secure the premises to ensure it doesn’t fall victim to burglars, arsonists and vandals.

A professional security services provider can also assist with CCTV and security signage.  

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