Securing a business during the lockdown
02 Jul 2020
Why Have a Professional Key Holding & Alarm Response Service for Your Premises?
Why Have a Professional Key Holding & Alarm Response Service for Your Premises?

Securing a business during the lockdown

Unfortunately, during the lockdown period, many business owners have resorted to self-isolating and are unable to be at their premises for work. Aside from having an operational impact on their business, there is also a growing security concern.

What impact has the lockdown had on businesses?

Many businesses including manufacturing and store or sell products have had to leave their premises empty and at times completely vulnerable.

Vulnerable to:

  • Opportunist thieves/burglars
  • Professional thieves and burglars
  • Vandals
  • Arsonists

It is also important to realise that businesses that are left vacant especially for prolonged periods of time are not only at risk from the above-mentioned points but are at risk from internal issues as well. For example, if there were to be an accidental fire or if a water pipe were to burst, and no one was around to identify it, then the business could suffer huge losses. A fire can destroy assets, stock and products. A burst pipe can cause flooding and cause thousands of pounds in damages.

These risks are only amplified due to the building being empty and un-secure.

What is the solution?

Now that a clear problem has been identified, a positive and effective solution must be explored.  

First thing is first, business premises need to be properly secured. The two main stationary components to securing a premises is to get an alarm system that covers all points of entry, so if there is an intruder or forced entry, the alarm is activated. An alarm sounding is usually a good deterrent as thieves and burglars will know that help is on the way.

Alarms are not just for intruders, alarms are to detect smoke and fire, as well fire exits and flooding.

Another effective way to securing your premises is to install CCTV. CCTV is not just an excellent visual deterrent but can be used to identify burglars and vandals. CCTV can be used by the Police when it comes to prosecution.

Alarm response and mobile security patrols

Alarm response

This is a fantastic and cost-effective service provided by reputable security service providers. Having this service in place means that if there was an alarm activation, be it a real intruder, fire or flood, a professional response unit will respond immediately. They will investigate the activation and take appropriate action to prevent losses to the business. This is usually combined with a mobile patrol service that regularly patrols the premises, actively identifying vulnerabilities and acting as a visual deterrent.  

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