Personal Protection
09 Jul 2019

Personal Protection

If you are looking for a professional Close Protection Service then contact All Time Security today and see how we can help you get protected.

There are many occasions where people require a more personalised security service. This is usually for when VIP’s will be attending an event or are required to make a public appearance.

What is the difference between personal protection and a normal security service?

Event organisers have understood that to have a smooth running event where staff and guests are kept safe and secure, they need to have a reliable security service in place. This is usually achieved by instructing a professional security provide to deploy a professional security team to secure your function or event.

When your event has large crowds of people, the security team is trained and skilled in managing the crowd and keeping things in order.

Personalised security is designed for when you have VIP’s who will require a bespoke security service. This means having a highly trained personal protection security person or team of people who will ensure the safety and security of the VIP or VIP’s.

Why is this important?

This is important because high profile clients can sometimes be the target of attacks. The personal protection will be mean that the VIP will be constantly watched by a professional security guard. The VIP and the people around them will be monitored to ensure they are safe and away from harm’s way.

Close protection security also instils confidence in the VIP that they will be kept safe and can enjoy their time at the event without having the added stress from attacks or hassle from the paparazzi.

Close protection guards stay close by to the VIP and ensure that unless permitted, people are kept at a safe distance. This gives them the peace of mind that they are not alone and feel protected.

Close protection also provide a visual deterrent for people who might want to attack the VIP. This means that VIP’s are less likely to get attacked or suffer any type of abuse from other guests.

Close protection guards are also instructed and aware of venues, routes and exits. In case of emergencies, close protection security will keep their attention on the VIP and ensure that they are taken to safety. The close protection security guard or team will ensure that the VIP or VIP’s are their only priority. And due the concentrated level of security, the VIPs will get a great close protection service.

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