How can security service providers help in the pandemic?
01 Jul 2020
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How can security service providers help in the pandemic?

With the Coronavirus (Covid19) still in full force, many people feel on edge about their business premises and their homes.

With less people around and streets and areas of businesses being vacant, businesses and homes are at higher risk of being burgled and vandalised.

The emergency services have their hands full and this means they are not always able to respond to alarm activations immediately. This is where security service providers take the lead in ensuring rapid response to alarm activations to reduce risks, prevent crimes, safe clients from potential losses and give people peace of mind.

While business owners are in lockdown or isolating, their places of business and assets will be kept secure by a professional security agency.

Security service providers such as All Time Security are an SIA approved contractor and their staff are all regulated and vetted. This means that businesses can rest assured that they are in safe and competent hands.

Security service providers offer a rapid response and mobile patrol service – this combined with keyholding means that whatever the situation, they will be able to deal with it appropriately.

The mobile patrols are carried out by professional security guards in high visibility uniforms. This acts as an effective visual deterrent for professional and opportunist thieves. The patrols include security guards patrolling vulnerable areas and looking out for signs of criminal damage and forced entry.

Security guards are highly vigilant and keep an eye out for other potential threats such as fires and leaks. This saves businesses thousands in losses every year.

Alarm Activation Rapid Response

With emergency services overwhelmed, they are not always available to investigate alarm activations, private security service providers such as ATS combine their mobile patrols with alarm activation rapid response – meaning that soon as an alarm is activated, whether it be fire or intruder alarm, they will respond immediately – sending a response unit to the site immediately to investigate the activation.   

What are the advantages to this?   

If an alarm is activated and it has been done by error or accident, then business owners are not disturbed – the security guards will deactivate the alarm and reset it. Log the activation and report it, saving business owners the time and hassle. If the activation is due to crime then security guards are well-rehearsed in taking the appropriate action.

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