Why companies should consider alarm response and key holding services
14 Mar 2019
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Companies across the UK have discovered the huge benefits of having more than just CCTV or security guards at their premises.

Although having CCTV and security guards is a great measure in securing your premises, there are some huge benefits in considering alarm response and key holding.

Having security guards present at your premises, especially overnight when the building is empty is fantastic but can be very expensive. Companies across the UK have started adopting alarm response and key holding services from companies such All Time Security, who are SIA approved in alarm response and key holding.

SIA approved alarm response and key holding

It is crucial for companies to instruct a company is approved and meet the industry standards in providing alarm response and key holding. Especially as this is based on trust and reliability.

The aim of the alarm response service is to avoid paying for someone to always be present. This way, if the alarm is activated, a professional alarm response unit will respond to the alarm and take appropriate actions in securing and protecting your premises. This could be a fire alarm or forced entry alarms.

Alarm response security is trained in responding efficiently and liaising with the authorities to ensure protection is upheld. Alarm response guards are trained to be vigilant and thorough in their checks. They are also skilled in deterrent methods and statement writing.

Key holding

Having an SIA approved contractor to hold your keys is incredibly important. These are keys to your premises and you need to be assured that they will be kept in a secure lockup, where they will be kept locked and secure.

Why have a key holding service?

If you have an alarm response service in place it is essential that they can access the keys and gain entry into your premises to investigate the alarm activation.

Due to the guards having access to your premises, it is important that the guards a fully SIA trained and badge holders. An SIA approved security provider will ensure that this is always the case.

Key holding services is not limited to just alarm response – key holding can mean that you can also have a professional security guard open and close your premises. They will ensure that the building is unlocked for staff to enter at a time that you specify and also ensure it is locked back up when it is time for the business to be closed.

Key holding also has the added benefit of having spare keys if you ever need them. If you lose your keys, you can simply call the security provider and they will ensure that you get your keys to unlock or to lock up.



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