Benefits of having CCTV installed in your premises
20 Jun 2019

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Many business owners now know of the huge benefits of having CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

CCTV gives businesses the added bonus of monitoring their premises and the ability to review footage if required.

Where could this help?

This could really help if your premises get broken into. In the unfortunate event that your premises do get broken into, you will have the ability to review CCTV footage which may be incredibly valuable in catching the perpetrators – this footage can be given to the Police in evidence for criminal prosecutions and civil debt recovery.  

CCTV is also a clear and effective visual deterrent for prolific and opportunist thieves. Prolific thieves are usually people who premediate and plan their criminal act of breaking in and stealing money and valuable items, whereas opportunist thieves are people who have not planned to break in and commit an act of criminality but if they see a vulnerability or a clear opportunity, they will commit the crime.

CCTV is a way to deter both types of thieves – they will think twice before they break into premises that have CCTV installed. They know that there is a strong chance that they are being monitored and that they can get caught. They will also know that with CCTV evidence, they are more likely to get prosecuted for their crimes.

CCTV isn’t just good for preventing theft, it also catches people committing other acts of criminality, such as vandalism and arson. Many businesses suffer from vandalism, arson and industrial espionage. CCTV is an effective method to deter and catch people in the act.

The system can also be used to monitor leaks and other potential hazards that can cause losses to the business. If your CCTV is being monitored by a CCTV operator, they can use the cameras to pan in vulnerable areas to identify issues before they become big problems.

To add to the efficiency of such systems, there is also the option of having remote CCTV monitoring – this means that even if you do not have a dedicated CCTV operator on site who is using the cameras to monitor the premises, there is SIA approved CCTV operator monitoring the premises remotely from the CCTV control room. The benefit of having such a process is that the CCTV control room has immediate access to a pool of resources – this includes the emergency services and SIA trained rapid response units.    

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