Why Hire Security Guards For Your Event?
28 Jul 2016
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Irrespective of what type of event you might be planning or organising, one of the hardest things to plan for is the possible risks – where there are groups of people collated together, there are always risks to your customers, staff and your venue.

Hiring a security company that you can trust and rely on is absolutely crucial.

You need to focus on your event, ensuring it is a successful and an enjoyable occasion for your customers and it is up to the security company to guarantee that you can do just that. And not have to deal with any issues that may break out.


Giving your customers peace of mind

Instructing a security team will, not only ensure that they deal will any trouble that may occur, but will give a clear message to your customers that you take their safety seriously. You are taking the initiative to ensure that they can enjoy your event and not have to worry about anything.

Protecting your property

A good security team will know that your event is super important but so is your property and will keep a close eye that your premises and property is secure and well protected.

At a busy event it is easy to miss possible dangers to your property like fires and leaks. The security team is vigilant and actively looks for possible problems that may occur. The Security team leader would have scoped out your venue and have a put a plan in place in order to manage this, including highlighting high risk areas and proposed parameter routes and checks.

Not only does the security team look out for fires and leaks, they will look out for and try to prevent criminal damage from attendees. They will ensure that risks are reduced by assessing possible dangers, e.g. removing empty glasses or other apparatus that could get damaged or cause damage. They will also ensure that attendees are behaving sensibly and act quickly and professionally if this changes.

Protecting your interests   

The security team are trained to identify issues that may affect your interests. The team are skilled in looking out for issues like fire exits being inaccessible or underage attendees getting access to alcohol.

The security team will be extra vigilant in people using any type of illegal substances at your event.

Living your values

Security teams are not there just to secure and protect, they are also there to work alongside you to provide outstanding customer service and a great customer experience.

The guards are the first people that customers see when they arrive and the last when they leave, and that’s exactly why the guards are trained to be smartly dressed, polite and helpful.

To hire a great security team for your event or any other security service please contact All Time Security on: 03330 050945 or for more information go to www.alltimesecurity.co.uk.


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