Why choose mobile security?
01 Oct 2021

Why choose mobile security?

Mobile security has become a hugely popular service over the years. But what is it exactly, and is it better than some of the other security services provided by professional security service providers?

Conventional security is usually static – security guards, for example. A security services provider deploys static security guards. The guards are trained and qualified security professionals who ensure the safety and security of the premises, staff, guests and assets. No one can debate how effective having a security guard service is, so why change it?

Mobile security can be just as effective and also save business owners and venue managers money.

Mobile security guards are equally, or in most cases, more trained than static security guards. They are fully trained, and SIA qualified. They are instructed to patrol areas and premises to ensure that security is upheld.

Security guards are instructed to visit buildings at random times to monitor facilities and look for vulnerabilities. They also act as a visual deterrent as potential burglars, vandals and arsonists will know that security could turn up at any time.

Mobile security also carry out regular patrols of vulnerable areas. They search for risks and vulnerabilities – these vulnerabilities include industrial espionage, theft, vandalism and arson. But the threats and vulnerabilities are not restricted to crime – businesses have lost millions due to burst pipes and accidental fires. Mobile security guards are trained to use red routes to monitor areas that are susceptible to burst pipes and fires – security guards are vigilant in identifying these issues before they cause significant damage and create financial losses and rapidly reduce the risk to human life.

Security patrols can save lives as well as prevent loss of money.  

Alarm response

Another great feature of mobile security is alarm activation response. Businesses have the cost-effective option of alarm response. This means that if an alarm, whether an intruder alarm or fire alarm, alarm response security guards will attend the site to investigate and then take the appropriate action to reduce the risk of damage and financial loss.

Rapid alarm response security guards are trained to deal with all types of situations and have direct links to security control rooms and emergency services. Alarm response guards provide business owners with the peace of mind that they will be there to respond and act if something happens.

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