How Security Services Can Lower Your Insurance Costs
21 Aug 2018












Insurance companies charge a lot of money to cover your premises and hiring a professional security service provider is a great way of, not only securing your premises, but to help reduce insurance costs.

When insurance companies discover that you are taking securing your premises and protecting it from theft, criminal/accidental damage and fire, they will make amendments to reduce your costs.

They will know that by having security services in place you have significantly reduced the risks they are usually securing you against.

Advantages of Security Services for Insurance

There are many advantages of having security services in your premises. Here are just a few:

  • Your building is more secure
  • Insurance costs could go down
  • Less risk of criminal damage
  • Less risk of burglary
  • Less risk of vandalism

Along with this, the security services are also used to prevent industrial sabotage and accidental damage from leaks and fire.

There are many different types of security services you can get for your business and reputable security companies usually have a variety of security solutions to meet your needs.

Security guards

Good old-fashioned security guards are a simple yet effective way of securing your premises. Security guards and SIA qualified professionals who are skilled in being vigilant and competent.

Security guards are a great visual deterrent and are one of the best ways of having access control in the building. Having professional security guards also gives your staff the peace of mind that you are taking their personal security seriously.  Our guards are trained in fire safety, health & safety, first aid, having also had training in conflict management and customer service.

Security guards carry out regular security patrols and are trained to be vigilant. They look out for fire hazards, health and safety and signs of vandalism and leaks. Good security guards can save you thousands of pounds in damages and insurance costs.

CCTV Remote Monitoring & Alarm Remote Monitoring

Many businesses these days have discovered the benefit of having a security services provider providing remote CCTV monitoring and alarm remote monitoring for their business.

Having your business monitored remotely could significantly reduce your insurance costs as the insurance company will know that you have put security measures in place to prevent losses.

Remote monitoring means that you can get a CCTV and alarm security professional monitoring your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is especially useful when premises are empty. This is an option that offers great security and protection and at the fraction of having manned security guards.  We highly recommend CCTV for businesses, especially those with a high amount of valuable assets.

Alarm response and Key Holding

Security services providers offer a complete security solution, catered for your specific business needs.

Another great option they offer is alarm response and key holding. This means that if an alarm is to be activated, whether it be an intruder alarm or fire alarm, professional security response guards will respond by getting to your premises fast.

This is a sure way of keeping your business protected and secure. The security services provider also keeps hold of your keys. The keys are kept in a secure lockup and can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

This is also incredibly useful if you misplace your keys and are unable to get access in to your premises. You can call the security provider and they can assist.

A security services provider will ensure that they offer you a bespoke and complete security solution catered for you.

All Time Security is a leading provider of UK security services. With bases in High Wycombe and London, we have a nationwide presence, with clientele consisting of your everyday home owners, to multi-national corporations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get started with security protection.

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