Retail security during the COVID19 Pandemic
14 Jul 2020

Retail security during the COVID19 Pandemic

With retail outlets across the UK now opening and things returning to a new normal, there will be an influx of people visiting shopping centres and retail stores.

What does this mean for shopping centres and stores?

The increase in customers means more risk of contamination and unfortunately, first-line workers are at the forefront. And although security staff are skilled workers, they are not immune to viruses.

The government have tried to minimise the risk of the virus spreading by enforcing that people who are travelling to stores must wear face masks.

How is this an effective solution?

Although the spread of the virus has been almost unstoppable and millions have been affected, scientists and doctors have claimed that wearing a face mask drastically reduces the spread. If someone is carrying the virus is wearing a mask, he/she will not easily spread it.

What about retail security guards?

Retail security guards will spend many hours in a store and face thousands of people. This will make them much more vulnerable.

Here are some tips on how retail security guards can help keep themselves safe.

Note: Following these steps cannot guarantee that you will not get the virus, these are just some practical measures that have proven to be effective in reducing the risk.

  • Keep a safe distance from people (1-2 meters)
  • Wear a face mask
  • Ensure that the mask is of good quality and meets the UK safety standards  
  • Wash your hands frequently or wear gloves where possible.
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wipe phones and keys with antibacterial wipes
  • Avoid large crowds
  • Wash your uniform daily

By following the above advice, you can significantly reduce the risk of catching and spreading the virus. The COVID19 coronavirus can be carried by people who show no symptoms. This means that wearing the mask and adhering to the proper precautions is not just for your own personal safety but for the safety of others around you.

Although the lockdown rules have been eased, there are some things that should be followed:

  • Avoid unnecessary trips to shopping centres
  • Follow social distancing rules
  • Wear a face mask

Stay safe!

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