Professional security is not just for businesses
05 May 2020
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Professional security is not just for businesses

There is a common misconception that security is just for businesses. Security guards, CCTV, alarms, alarm response and keyholding, are all services that people conceive to be related to businesses and commercial premises, but this is not the case.

There are plenty of other areas that professional security services are required and used frequently. These areas include councils, emergency services and government.

 Security services

Private Security firms are commonly relied on by councils when running events, especially when running events that will have large numbers of people. Any event, whether it is public or private, indoors or outdoors, that has large numbers of people needs to have a few things in mind:


With any event, there are a number of risks that need to be identified and a plan put in place to reduce or remove them completely. Security service providers are trained in risk assessments and risk management.

Crowd management

Large crowds often cause chaos and security service providers to deploy professional security teams that are highly trained and skilled in managing crowds.


Security is a vital part of events. Having the correct security services means that as event organisers, you are taking the responsible precautions in keeping staff and visitors safe and secure. This also gives people the reassurance that you take their safety seriously.

Emergency Services

There are often times when emergency services are under extreme pressure and are unable to keep up with demand. This is where professional security service providers step up and aid the emergency services in keeping people safe and places secure. Security guards are SIA qualified and are able to deal with many different situations.


Like councils, government events usually require a combination of Police and security guards. Security service providers like All Time Security are often called on to carry out thorough risk assessments and put robust plans in place for securing conferences and various other events.

Personal Protection

High profile people, including celebrities and public figures, personal security is a must. High profile people are often at risk. Risk of attacks, both physical and verbal. Security guards who are trained and qualified in personal protection are skilled in vigilance and protection.

This means they will stay with their client at all times and ensure that no harm comes to them.

If you require professional security services for your events, business or personal security services, contact All Time Security and see how they can help you.    

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