Importance of Security in times of heightened anxiety
08 Apr 2020

Importance of Security in times of heightened anxiety

When people think of law and order, they usually assume this is all related to emergency services such as the Police. But there are, especially in times of heightened anxiety, when additional security is required.

What do we mean by additional security?

In unprecedented times such as times that the entire world is currently experiencing through with the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency services are stretched and under extreme pressure. It is at points like this where professional security providers who are trained and approved SIA contractors step in and support the emergency services.

What does ‘approved SIA contractor’ mean?

The SIA leads the security industry standard and awards certain security providers who qualify to join their scheme and meet the highest industry standards in security.

Why is this important?

This is crucial as security is at the frontline of protecting people and assets. If the security provider does not meet the correct standards, they might be incapable of providing adequate levels of protection. This can have a disastrous effect and lead to injury and monetary losses.

Being an approved contractor means the SIA have conducted vigorous checks and audits on the security provider’s processes, finance, insurance, staff, training and more. This gives clients the reassurance and confidence that they are in competent hands. They will know that they are being protected by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals.

More personalised security

Security services are not just crucial on a large scale; they are also vital on a smaller scale, like protecting and securing small businesses and even homes.

In a time where people are being forced to self-isolate, businesses are left unattended, leaving them open to both professional and opportunities thieves and burglars, vandals, arsonists – along with them being vulnerable to leaks, fires and industrial espionage.  

What professional security providers do

Professional security providers are great at carrying out risk assessments and then creating a precise and bespoke security plan. After a thorough needs assessment is carried out, they will formulate a bespoke security plan which may include a specific type of security service such as guarding, patrolling, CCTV or a combination of services to ensure your business or home is kept safe.  

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