Effective Door supervision
26 Sep 2019

It’s not news that venues, especially when there will be large crowds, instruct a professional security services provider to provide a door supervision service. But there are a few ways to ensure that you get the best from your door supervision services.


One of the great things about using a professional security services provider is that the door supervisors that they will send will be SIA qualified guards who have experience in providing security at events.

This means that they will be used to protecting visitors and staff as well as keeping the venue safe and secure.

The dress code

Professionally trained door supervisors always attend the venue in the right attire. They will ensure that what they are wearing suits you venue and your venues ethos. They will be dressed to impress.


Door supervisors, as well as possessing the right skills to carry out their job properly, come equipped with all the necessary tools to do their role effectively.

This includes any protective clothing and footwear, high visibility and water-resistant clothing. Various radio and communication equipment, safety helmets, if required.

Communication devices are incredibly important in emergency and high-risk situations.

The great thing about the deployment of professional security guards from an approved security service provider is that they have direct links to control rooms and the Police. This means that they have easy and quick access to additional support when needed. Additional security personnel or emergency services.

Crowd control

Crowd control is a broad term but in the instance of securing and keeping premises safe, it can be specified as controlling how many people are permitted to enter a premises, ensure people are not entering restricted areas and people are kept safe.

When a venue has reached maximum capacity, guards will be using counting devices to ensure that people are let in on a 1 in and 1 out basis. This will give people the opportunity to enter without exceeding the specified limit of people allowed in at one time.  

Fire safety

Door supervisors are also trained to keep fire exits clear and accessible. They will also be aware of the locations of all the venue’s fire exits along with the venue’s fire safety protocols and evacuation procedures. They are skilled in coordinating staff to the nearest fire exits and directing people safely to the venue’s fire assembly points.

First Aid

Another great thing about professional door supervisors is that they first aid trained. This is incredibly helpful and can even be life-saving in the event of injuries and accidents.   


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