Where are CCTV cameras commonly used?
24 Sep 2018
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Having CCTV cameras installed in businesses and homes is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due it being a great and affordable way of securing your premises and home.

CCTV Cameras and Equipment

Security companies that install CCTV cameras ensure that they are using reliable cameras, cables and recording devices that are of excellent quality. They make sure that any external cameras are weatherproof and robust. They are installed tightly and with heavy duty equipment to the exterior of buildings to ensure that can not be easily taken off or damaged.

CCTV cameras can have night vision, so they can see and record clearly even at night. This is incredibly important as criminals usually operate at night to avoid easy detection. But good cameras will catch all the action and store the evidence on a secure, high-quality recorder.

Installing CCTV Cameras

It is a good idea to get CCTV cameras installed by a professional security services provider as they have the right knowledge on what equipment is suitable for your specific requirements and will also provide you with the best advice as to where they should be placed.

Although cameras are a fantastic visual deterrent and can successfully reduce the risk of crimes occurring, they function as so much more. They are installed to provide you with better visibility. A CCTV camera installer will carry out a thorough survey of your premises and actively identify the best places to install them. These engineers are qualified in CCTV camera installation and have years of valuable experience in the field.

They will take the and size and type of building into consideration before devising a clear plan of where things will go. This will help ascertain what type of cameras will be required and how many. The good thing about having qualified and experienced engineers is that they will have a good understanding of electrics, wiring and will have the skills to properly and safely use
installation equipment. This means that you can rest assured that your CCTV equipment will be installed correctly
and safely.

Remote alarm and CCTV monitoring

Security service providers are always looking for ways to provide better, more efficient and cost-effective security solutions. One innovative method is offering a remote alarm and CCTV monitoring solution. This is where CCTV, and alarms if required, are installed in your premises and then smartly linked to a remote monitoring station.

The remote monitoring control room is a secure facility with restricted access. The room is manned by professionally trained and qualified CCTV operators who monitor your premises 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. This is a brilliant and affordable alternative to having 24 hour manned security guards.

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